We are a generation in need of a purpose, a place. Rather than what we create, our possessions cast light on who we are. We choose a life, we choose a job, we choose a career. We believe in statue, and how they define our identity. The pace we are living in, denies the art within us. Is life becoming so empty that we can not think of a better way to spend our days in a meaningful way? Do we think already everything we’re supposed to think?

Maybe the answers are here, but not told, until we break out the invisible chains, and make something strong out ourselves.

The photographic series « Ma’sou9ish » is about a character who looks for a meaning to his freedom, he chooses to be his own self and builds the path to break away from stereotypes. Wearing the moroccan traditional clothing in his journey through Casablanca, the character of « Ma’sou9ish » represents an identity within us. The imperfection of his mindset makes him understand, that the discovery of oneself can be done in the unknown places of the city. There, where the monologue is engaged in depth, to touch the values of ethics, art, architecture and nature as well.