The Passion Road, 2021,

Kan3awd Collective Stories


At the city where everything began, where time ceases and loses its meaning, longboards blend with the streets, lost in speed, sketching dreams of boundless passion. Emerging from the ashes, in Asfi, a fervor was born that captured Yassine’s dreams. Known on the streets as “Moultawa,” walls both inscribe and echo sounds, bearing witness to his accomplishments. Thorny setbacks pierced his dreams, a fall followed by a resurgence. Passion heals wounds and belongs wherever the wind carries it, down the road where Moultawa took its first breath.


This photo series portrays the narrative of a passion. Through multiple sequences, Yassine’s portrait illuminates his relationship with the city of Asfi. Across three segments, the series casts an eye on the pottery production site and the skate park—two locales where his passion’s origins intertwine with the city’s paramount traditional activity.


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